Our Story

 How we started


Tara – I am a mother of two young boys. They are my heart and soul. Since beginning the journey known as motherhood, I have sought out more natural and sustainable ways to care for and clothe my little ones. With my sister, our hope is that through MY Boo and You, our 100% organic cotton clothing line, we can share our creations and dreams with you and yours.

The animals in all of our designs are images made from my sister’s hand and heart. She drew these exact pictures for me when I was a young girl. These cute little animals have always held a place in my heart and I am confident that they will make a lasting impression in yours.

 Heather – I am the mother of a beautiful daughter and three vivacious boys. My childrens’ well being is of the utmost priority. They are my passion as is my artwork. I find it therapeutic and a necessary escape from the stresses life so commonly presents us. I create pictures to nurture the happy in everyone around me and hope to do the same for you!

We are grateful for the opportunity to offer a natural, 100% organic cotton clothing line made only in the USA. To know that we are able to support and help create jobs for American workers while improving the economy is a great honor and passion of ours. To show our gratitude for the land that we love and those that made it so, we have specific designs that when purchased will have a portion of the proceeds donated to a cause we feel will benefit those who fought for our freedom.

Our Dreamasaurus designs will also have a portion of proceeds donated to a cause true to our hearts.

It is so important to us that you have a positive experience with all we have to offer. Please let us know how we can make you smile .